Great stories must be told and heard

Here's ours

Mother-daughter Dawn Floodman and Aydra J Swan teamed up to create a channel for telling and sharing love stories in this unusual time of the Corona Virus. Dawn, who told stories professionally for a decade during Aydra's youth, suggested the idea after feeling the need to create what she hopes will transpire into a published work about unique relationships in a time where social distancing is the norm. Now a full-time flight attendant, 'Dawn' has not only earned her wings, is a nearly two-decade breast cancer survivor but is herself someone who has a story to tell during this new era as a single woman and mother of 4 grown kids. She currently resides in Salt Lake City and celebrates the outdoors, yoga, and a vegan diet!

Aydra, formally Michelle Audria Floodman, is an alternative singer-songwriter and performing artist as well as a creative writer and photographer. An artist of many mediums, she's spanned and realized both dreams and adventures over her 38 years. After recently launching a personal brand website featuring Mantra's she developed for manifestation with a new dance single titled, Deep Sand, she's continuing her nomadic lifestyle with a Mexican summer destination. She enjoys daily adventures, crafty cocktails, swimming holes and cooking with community, friends, and family!  

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Dawn Floodman

Aydra J Swan